Online Partnership registration with Parasuram Associates provides you partnership agreement drafted by our partnership registration consultants considering your nature of the business, preference of bank account operation, profit sharing ratio, monthly remuneration.

Your Deed will be dispatched or handed over in person within 2 Business days after all details are provided.

Partnership registration Includes
1. Partnership Deed.
3. TAN application (Optional).
4. Partnership registration certificate

Partnership registration in Chennai

Partnership firm comes into existence once all partners sign the partnership agreement, however, for practical documentation purpose, it is required to do partnership firm registration so you will get Form C to open a bank account and support for another purpose also.

You need minimum 2 partners to start a partnership business and registration, as partnership business is separate legal entity you need to apply for separate pan card in name of partnership firm. your partnership registration consultants will help you to register your partnership company quickly in a week and get your pan card thereafter.

Read Simple guide to partnership business


1.Inclusive of Tamilnadu stamp duty of Rs.300.
2.Any Alteration or Re-Drafting will cost Extra.
3.Requests received from preferred partner only will be considered from a registered mobile number or registered mail id.
4.Delivery time may delay for reason of non-availability of stamp papers.
5.To avoid confusions and acceptance offered in various departments we use generic deed format suitable for most of the business.


To be provided in application form after placing order

Following  Details of all partners.
1.PAN card copy, Aadhaar Card Copy.
2.Filled up complete application form.
3.For Seal in name of partnership firm.   

Rs. 3999 ENQUIRY
Customized and professional drafting
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Appointment of the new partner to partnership firm requires the consent of all partners in the same way a partner cannot be forced to retire. Appointment of new partner should be made through proper partnership amendment deed.
    Application for registration of partnership firm gives certain legal advantage to the firm and its partners , unregistered partnership firm cannot file civil case against third party or other partner
    Under Indian partnership act 1932 the name of the firm is not protected, therefore any other person can also register the same name and proceed to apply for trade mark registration
    Every registered partnership firm shall renew each year on or before the date mentioned for the renewal with details of any changes in constitution of partnership firm
    No Admission and removal of partner can be done only with the mutual agreement, partner can be removed with simple amendment deed only if the outgoing partner mutually agreed
    Partners cannot be restricted to take part in business activities however all the partners can delegate certain functions of the partnership business to a single partner.
    The main reason is easy to setup and, low annual compliance cost, apart from these things private limited offers better advantages in terms of limited liability, separate legal entity, perpetual succession.
    Yes , income tax returns filing for partnership firm is mandatory even if the firm does not have any income. So it is recommended to note down various dates under income tax act for Income tax returns and tds returns
    Income tax rate for partnership firm is flat 30 % of Total Income
    In partnership act 1932 there is no such concept of Managing partner all partners are considered as equal partner for business activities and their powers, even the profit sharing ration cannot control partners rights   

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