Get your 890 barcode in chennai at best price.

1. 5 BAR code – 8000 Rs.
2. 10 BAR code – 11,000 Rs.
3. 20 BAR code – 15000 Rs.

Barcode application services in chennai

1. Bar code is a unique identification mark assigned to products when sold in retail.

2. Generally, barcodes come with validity.

3. You will require single barcode for each product when you need them to be identified differently example, flavour, colour, quantity.
4. When scanner reads you barcode it sends the numbers to systems and matches with data already entered with the system, so it helps in easy products identification.

1. We support you for 30 days from the date of purchasing barcode from us.
2. There is no refund option available for these products as it was provided by our third party partners.
3. Alteration cannot be made.
Rs. 8,000.00 ENQUIRY
Get 10 % discount when you purchase 20 and above quanities.
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